THE one percent safer movement

2.78 million people died last year due to workplace accidents and work-related illness.

Together, we can change this.

The Idea

A new approach to occupational safety and wellbeing, for all.

If we all do just one thing, just improve workplace safety by one percent, that’s 28,000 people that get to go home without harm, instead of ending up dead – each year. 28,000 husbands, wives, partners, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends, and co-workers. 28,000 humans.


Lives saved every year


Improvement year-on-year


Actionable ideas


Global thought leaders

The foundation

How we’re making a difference...

100% of the funds raised by One Percent Safer will be used to pay for the organisation’s charitable activities. We are a not for profit, driven and governed by a diverse and experienced team volunteering our time freely.  

One Percent Safer Foundation

The One Percent Safer Book.

We kickstarted the One Percent Safer Movement with a very special publication, available to purchase whilst stocks last.

Enjoy 250 pages of provocative, pragmatic and powerful ideas from 142 of the world’s leading thinkers. 

Be inspired and feel empowered to take action to help make the world of work 1% safer.  

What people are saying about the book.

One Percent Safer

ONE PERCENT SAFER: Live & Direct ’23

24-28 April: Headline Sessions

Thanks to the generosity of our event sponsors Cority, Quentic and EcoOnline we are offering free places to health and safety assistants, advisers, managers or those with an equivalent post. To claim your free place use the code OPSDEV in the coupon box at checkout.