EcoOnline makes a generous Christmas donation


Leading environment, health and safety software provider EcoOnline chose One Percent Safer as the recipient of its Christmas charity donation in December. EcoOnline, which has more than 7100 customers using its EHS, learning management and chemical safety systems, has a strong tradition of giving back to the community through charitable donations. The company gave its annual holiday donation for 2022 to help fund our work to reduce the annual global work-related death total by one percent, preventing 28,000 fatalities.

EcoOnline selected One Percent Safer from a shortlist of good causes, saying that the charity “strongly connects to our principles and commitment to helping our customers create safe and sustainable workplaces”.

At their December meeting the One Percent Safer trustees welcomed the £5000 gift, which will go towards helping empower safety and health professionals in lower-wage economies gain access to professional resources and to grants to OSH practitioners who are disadvantaged by redundancy to help them upskill to regain employment.

“We really want to thank EcoOnline,” said Chair of Trustees Dr Andrew Sharman. “Most of our income comes from sales of the One Percent Safer book, but a generous donation like this helps the foundation accelerate our work to achieve a small percentage cut – though massive when it’s measured in lives saved – in deaths at work.”