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“I will encourage others to ‘think with their heart’. Occupational health & safety is about people and it is only by caring about our people and making decisions based on this that we can really make a sustainable difference. I will continue to strive to lead by example and encourage leaders to do the same.”
Andrew Jones, UK

“My personal challenge is to ensure our senior directors understand the difference between ‘work as imagined’ vs ‘work as done’ through the use of our health, safety and environmental engagements with the workforce and use that information for improved decision making. For the whole executive group, we have a requirement to undertake 16 per month (2 each), this has increased from 5 completed in March to 24 in September.”
Angela Blom, New Zealand

“I will stand up, I will speak up, I will say something and share my knowledge about driving and how 01 km /h less will reduce chance of accidents, and I will start with myself and demonstrate and influence my entourage to become safer and sustain. Repetition is the best teacher.”
Fethi Mezheri, Algeria

“I will continue to try and have authentic conversations, particularly focusing on mental health and wellbeing. I have challenged myself to ask 3 people “How are you today?” every day and to listen to the answer.”
Delwynne Cuttlian

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