ONE PERCENT SAFER: Live & Direct ’23


In safety, the usual drivers of organisational success apply: leadership, culture, strategy, employee engagement and learning and development. But we’re missing something.

Conflict. Positive conflict.

Safety professionals at odds can exchange their different views constructively. Each acknowledges the difference in the other standpoint, and has the empathy to understand it.

This conflict is collaborative and can lead to resolution. Our profession needs this creative friction.

All voices must be heard, and the status quo shaken up if necessary, to improve safety and save more lives.

We’re up for healthy debate that encourages disruptive, provocative thought. This is how we will lift our profession to the next level. We thrash things out and make sure every voice and viewpoint is heard. 

We need to disagree more.

Join us in April 2023 to debate safety, hear all viewpoints and disagree if you have to.

Hear provocations from some of the world’s leading thinkers in safety.

Get involved in a conversation that makes a difference. A week of stimulating, bite-sized sessions to inspire and challenge you.

Let’s get under the skin of safety.

The programme for ONE PERCENT SAFER: Live & Direct ’23 is shaping up nicely. We’re nearly there. Watch this space.

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