Partnering for Global Safety: Cority’s Support for One Percent Safer

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As part of the continued commitment towards global safety, Cority, a leading global provider of environment, health, and safety (EHS) software, has joined hands with One Percent Safer.

In recognition of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Cority has become a gold sponsor of One Percent Safer’s five-day virtual event, One Percent Safer: Live & Direct ’23, held from April 24-28, 2023.

The organisation’s choice to support the non-profit stems from its goal to give every employee, from the field to the boardroom, the power to make a difference, reduce risks, and create a safer, healthier and more sustainable world. This is our common mission.

The connection between Cority and One Percent Safer is aligned towards a common goal of promoting safety in the workplace and reducing the number of serious injuries and fatalities (SIFs). Work-related fatalities, whether from incidents or health-impacting exposure, currently result in 2.8 million deaths each year, or approximately 10 individuals every second.

Despite the attention given to reducing workplace accidents, safety management programs specifically focused on SIFs have not progressed as quickly. This is where One Percent Safer and Cority come in, working together to drive safety performance forward and help organisations reduce their risks and prevent incidents.

“Workplace safety is an issue that extends to every day, so this sponsorship reinforces our support for the broader EHS community on an ongoing basis,” said Sean Baldry, director of product marketing at Cority and a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP).

“While there is incredible focus today on sustainability, the concept is often thought of solely in terms of environmental impact. We believe that companies can only be truly sustainable if they invest in the solutions necessary to keep their people safe and healthy both at and outside of the workplace. One Percent Safer focus on incremental gains in safety performance will lead to a measurable reduction in workplace fatalities, and we are incredibly honoured to support this initiative.”

Professor Dr Andrew Sharman, the One Percent Safer movement’s founder, chairman of One Percent Safer Board and the book’s creator, said: “Too often, organisations are not truly aware of what safety actually is. They think it’s the absence of accidents, but it’s not. The absence of accidents doesn’t mean the existence of safety. We are encouraging organisations to truly care about their people and realise that safety is not just about compliance and ticking boxes.”

Workplace health and safety improvements have been a top priority, especially in recent years, which has encouraged employers to foster a more positive safety culture. This is one in which employees feel empowered and confident while completing their day-to-day tasks. However, creating a positive safety culture is no easy feat and cannot be done overnight.

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Recognising the need for a measurable shift in the approach to save lives, Cority is committed to supporting global safety programs through its dedication to safety excellence.

From developing people-first safety solutions and educational tools to working with some of the world’s most renowned companies, Cority is helping organisations improve safety reporting processes, reduce risks, prevent incidents, and promote a safety culture across their entire organisation.

Picture caption: Cority’s software supports professionals in a range of sectors, including healthcare and hospitals.