50x personalised copies, the ORIGINAL 7 METRE ARTWORK and a ONE DAY WORKSHOP with Dr Andrew Sharman (and more)

50 x copies of One Percent Safer with personal messages and signed by Prof Dr Andrew Sharman, the ORIGINAL 7 metre-long artwork showcasing all 137 chapters of One Percent Safer signed by the artist, 50 x giant (320cm X 40cm) copies of the artwork print, and an exclusive interactive workshop run by Prof Dr Andrew Sharman in your organization for you and your team to get the inside track to build your own plan to become One Percent Safer every day.  And just to make this UNIQUE package even more special, we’ll also include 50x super-cool massive (84cm x 21cm) gatefold prints of Edwin Stoop’s original artwork – perfect for your leaders to get their teams together to discuss and share ideas for improving safety.

This package contains 50 copies of One Percent Safereach with a personal message to its recipient, and signed by Prof Dr Andrew Sharman, plus the original hand-drawn 7 metre-long artwork created and signed by Sketching Maniac Edwin Stoop referencing all 137 chapters of the book, plus a full-day workshop facilitated by Andrew for up to 50 of your managers and leaders. Oh, and every attendee will get their own giant print (320cm x 40cm) of the artwork too! 

There is only 1 of this workshop and the original 7 metre artwork package available.  So if you want a personalised copy of the book and giant artwork print for each of your 50 team members, the original mammoth artwork and a super-exclusive workshop with Andrew for your team, act quickly.

Don’t forget – all profits from the sale of this package will go to the One Percent Safer Foundation – an independent charitable fund set to support those made vulnerable by the Coronavirus pandemic.  (So to be clear, that’s all £17,500 of the purchase price going to the charitable foundation.)

Please note: This offer only applies to European-located organizations, if you’re outside Europe, please drop us a note at team@RMSswitzerland.com and let’s see what we can do.

The package of books and artworks will be shipped to you prior to the workshop. Note: flights, accommodation and shipping of materials are not included in this package and will be charged separately.

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