One Percent Safer Book

This bundle includes a copy of the One Percent Safer book, plus TWO copies of our exclusive gatefold artwork, including illustrations by sketching artist Edwin Stoop. Edwin created the artwork especially for the One Percent Safer movement and these full colour prints have been produced in limited numbers on heavyweight paper stock. The gatefold artworks are the same size as the book when folded (220mm x 250mm) but open up to reveal the artwork in all its glory.

What is it all about?

This book is unique. It’s a ‘handbook’ in the simplest sense – to help you, inform you, inspire you, to empower you to take action. It’s an agent provocateur to encourage you to think – just a little bit more – about safety, about your people, and to help you lead forward by creating safety not just trying to prevent accidents.

There are 137 chapters, each is one page in length, and each one crystallizing one idea that will make your organization one percent safer. The book is published in full colour, printed on heavy-weight FSC-certified bond paper, with lovely satin-finish covers, there’s a total of 252 pages.

Who is involved?

142 of the world’s most cutting-edge thought-leaders: business executives, top academics, policy-makers (and breakers!), and some of the most important global authorities including the World Health Organisation, the United Nations, the International Labour Organisation, the British Safety Council, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, the International Institute of Risk & Safety Management, the Institute of Leadership & Management, the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health, as well as global legends in their own right – including Sidney Dekker, Scott Geller, Gerd Gigerenzer, Marshall Goldsmith, Leandro Herrero, Gert Jan Hofstede, Erik Hollnagel, Andrew Hopkins, Patrick Hudson, Evelyn Kortum, Dianne Parker, Edgar Schein, Paul Slovic, Jukka Takala – and many more.

The contributions are compiled, edited, and introduced by Prof Dr Andrew Sharman, best-selling author, President of the Institution of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) and Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Leadership & Management.

Is it for me?

This is the book for anyone that’s been told to follow the rules… and then wondered if there’s something else they could do.  

It’s for business leaders, managers, supervisors, safety & health professionals that don’t want people to get hurt in their organizations and workplaces.  

Above all, it’s a book for those who truly want to make a difference.

Why get it now?

This book is a one-of-its-kind and is a totally limited edition of just 3,000 copies. When they’re gone, they’re gone.

Oh, there a few Super-Limited Edition Bundles available, including you being able to get your hands on signed copies, an exclusive One Percent Safer Workshop and signed artwork – including the massive 7 metre long original artwork, signed by the artist Edwin Stoop.

Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Charles both wrote to offer their encouragement and best wishes for the success of the book and the One Percent Safer Foundation – which benefits from all proceeds of the book’s sales.