Successful applicants to One Percent Safer Bursary set to become IIRSM members


Risk and safety practitioners from Nigeria, India, Ghana, Pakistan and Egypt are to become IIRSM Affiliate members after making successful applications to the One Percent Safer Bursary scheme.

The One Percent Safer Bursary is an exciting new initiative by two global leaders in risk and safety, the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) and the charity, One Percent Safer. Its aim is to support the development of risk and safety professionals working in developing or emerging nations.

Today, the two organisations announced bursary awards to 100 risk and safety professionals, which will see them receive one year’s free membership of IIRSM at Affiliate level.

One Percent Safer Chair Prof Andrew Sharman said: “Each year, nearly 2.8 million people lose their lives to work-related injuries or illness. Our mission is to work in collaboration with organisations like IIRSM to cut that number, so we’re absolutely thrilled that our bursary scheme is now up and running. 

“Membership of IIRSM will help our successful applicants enhance the role they can plan in making our world of work a little safer.”

IIRSM CEO Phillip Pearson said: “We’re delighted to announce the first tranche of successful applications to the One Percent Safer Bursary. One Percent Safer is a force for good in the world of safety and we’re pleased to play our part in helping risk and safety professionals lead the way by providing access to the many membership benefits we have to offer.”

Recipient Catherine Marfoah Awuah was delighted with the award. She said: “Thank you very much for this honour. I am really happy I have been considered for this great opportunity. I will forever be grateful and will make good use of this opportunity to help shape my career path.”

A further call for applications will be issued later in 2022. For more information about the scheme, visit the IIRSM website here.

About One Percent Safer

One Percent Safer is a charity and global movement aimed at promoting the benefits of marginal gains in workplace safety, and its vision is to cut the number of lives lost to work-related injuries and illnesses each year by one percent – that’s 28,000 worldwide.

All profits from the sale of the acclaimed One Percent Safer book and related products go directly to the One Percent Safer Foundation, which is an independently governed charitable fund created to make the world a safer place to work in.

To achieve its vision, One Percent Safer has a set of charitable objects. These include the provision of practical help in the form of small grants or support with professional education and development to individual safety and risk practitioners.


IIRSM (International Institute of Risk and Safety Management) is a leading professional membership organisation and education charity in risk and safety management and a leader in providing professional education and development to safety and risk practitioners.

Successful applicants for the One Percent Safer Bursary will receive a year’s free membership, at Affiliate level, of IIRSM. This gives them access to a wealth of tools and resources to support their professional journey in safety and risk, including 

  • IIRSM’s brilliant magazine, The Sentinel
  • Regular updates on developments in the world of risk
  • Professional development opportunities to boost your career
  • Networking opportunities to share, learn and make connections
  • An excellent mentoring platform for peer-to-peer learning
  • Widely recognised and respected post-nominals