Partnering for Global Safety: Cority’s Support for One Percent Safer

Team of specialist doctors in a hospital

As part of the continued commitment towards global safety, Cority, a leading global provider of environment, health, and safety (EHS) software, has joined hands with One Percent Safer. In recognition of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Cority has become a gold sponsor of One Percent Safer’s five-day virtual event, One Percent […]

ONE PERCENT SAFER: Live & Direct ’23

  In safety, the usual drivers of organisational success apply: leadership, culture, strategy, employee engagement and learning and development. But we’re missing something. Conflict. Positive conflict. Safety professionals at odds can exchange their different views constructively. Each acknowledges the difference in the other standpoint, and has the empathy to understand it. This conflict is collaborative […]

Kahneman on small gains

Daniel Kahneman is a towering figure in behavioural science and author of my favourite psychology text. I make sure to reread the Nobel laureate economist’s Thinking Fast and Slow every few years. It’s a 420-page layman’s tour through Kahneman’s 50 years of research, much of it carried out with his colleague Amos Tversky, and I […]