The Foundation

The One Percent Safer project is strictly not-for-profit.  

100% of the profits from the sale of the One Percent Safer book go directly to the One Percent Safer Foundation, an independent fund and charitable trust registered with the Charities Commission in the United Kingdom.

The Foundation was created to provide support in three ways:

  • The prevention or relief of poverty: Many Occupational Safety & Health (‘OSH’) professionals globally have been made financially and socially vulnerable since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and so profits from the sale of the book will be distributed amongst OSH practitioners as grants to directly relieve their economic hardship.

  • The advancement of education: Through publication of the book, we provide OSH practitioners with pragmatic advice, guidance and instruction on the development and implementation of occupational health and safety. In addition, profits from the sale of the book will be used to pay for support for professional education as a means for enhancing job opportunities for those who have lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic.

  • The advancement of citizenship and community development: Profits from the sale of the book will also be used to provide grants of ‘seed capital’ or support with education and development for third sector organisations, voluntary or charitable institutions, and not-for-profit organisations who wish to deliver a project that enhances their community’s health and safety.

Applications for grants and support from the One Percent Safer Foundation are always welcome and are treated in confidence. Simply drop an email to